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The person you embrace as your teacher and guide in yoga holds a special space of trust in your life. Every time I step onto my mat, I seek to find some balance in terms of peace, mental clarity and strength. Each day, the path to finding that balance is different and requires a teacher and guide with deep skills and the gift of intuition. That is Dearbhla Kelly. My trusted teacher and guide.

— T.A.

During a time of transition following a decision to make a major change in my life, I overcame my initial anxiety and reached out to Dearbhla to schedule a private session. In our meeting we talked about self-care, what it might look like for me. She offered me support in a time of instability when my life was in flux, and she did this in specific ways tailored to my particular needs at that time.
Dearbhla shared her extensive knowledge of Yoga philosophy, mythologies and science. She also emphasized the power of giving voice to my experience — the difficulties I’d faced, the fears and obstacles I’d overcome, and the hard won self-knowledge acquired along the way. If you are contemplating a life transition, navigating a crisis or looking for support in order to develop inner strength, a gentle assist can make a huge difference and have a lasting effect. You will be in good hands with Dearbhla.

— R.E.

Dearbhla’s vast knowledge about yoga and the mechanics of the body combined with the fact that she is brilliantly articulate and gives her all to every class make her a truly outstanding teacher. Dearbhla’s expert assists get me to go further. Each time I walk out of her class I feel my practice has deepened.

— S.H.

Dearbhla brings a high level of intention and energy to the class, is very attentive to the students’ learning needs, and provides detailed hands-on corrections, which are invaluable.

— F.M.

I just wanted to let you know how much I truly enjoyed practicing yoga with you. You are a tremendous teacher and person. Your inner joy and passion for life is contagious through your teaching. I know you will continue to touch the lives of those around you through yoga and your other endeavors.

— G.F

I want to thank you for being so supportive and nurturing, and for making me feel safe so I can soften into my practice and into myself. I was able to make tremendous breakthroughs today, get to blockages that have been previously numbed out, that I would not have accessed had I not been practicing with you. What a gift.

— A.C.S.

Your class, your time, your presence, your adjustments and your very being helped to begin to reopen me to my center, my roots and offer me some realignment that I have been struggling with for months. After feeling very constricted in my neck, hips and very being, I am today for the first time feeling in and of my body and much more straightened than I have for a while.

— T.S.