Flourish Life Coaching is designed to help you thrive and live a life of purpose, richness and authenticity. In our process together you will get clear about what thriving looks like to you and identify what steps you need to take in order to maximize your wellbeing and life satisfaction. 

When you are flourishing, you are experiencing:

Freedom in flow

Limitless Expansion

Optimal fulfillment

Unlimited potential

Resilience in the face of adversity

Integrity in Action

Satisfying relationships

Health and happiness

Dedicated and consistent yoga practice can enhance every aspect of your life and empower you to create the life you want to live. The core of this empowerment is self-mastery; if you want to master your life, you must first master yourself. Steadfastness and resilience come from knowing yourself and your tendencies. 

The path of self-enquiry is called vichara in the yoga tradition. To understand the world around us we must understand ourselves; we gain access to the macro by penetrating the micro. Yogis of age understood that we cannot rely on outer circumstances for our sense of self. Given the uncertainty and unpredictability of the world around us, we must anchor ourselves from within. Finding inner stability requires going deep inside and cultivating equanimity and steadfastness. This is no easy task, but it is an immensely rewarding one.  

Flourishing requires self-knowledge and mastery, so how does our time together facilitate that?

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√  During our initial meeting (in person or on Skype) we will clarify what flourishing means to you and discuss your life goals.

√  We will explore how the practices of yoga and self-enquiry can help you move towards actualizing your intentions and desires. (Some of these practices are physical but most are not and you do not have to do a physical practice to benefit from Flourish Life Coaching.)

√  We decide on a set of practices that you will commit to. Some of these will be during our sessions and some on your own.

√  You commit to our work together for a minimum of 5 sessions.

√  Our starting point is the yoga practice you already have or are interested in beginning. 

√  Sessions can be done in your home or via Skype and include email support as you go through your process.

My approach takes for granted that you want to thrive in all aspects of your life and emphasizes consistent yoga practice as a way of finding meaning and purpose even in the face of obstacles, loss and disappointment. This is the path of self-mastery, acceptance and love. I am one hundred per cent committed to your flourishing and empowerment through the practice of yoga and self-enquiry.