Los Angeles, California,
March 23, 14:00 - 16:30



Yoga & the Art of Flourishing
Understand the yamas and niyamas as practical tools for flourishing.

Yoga is a system of techniques designed to help you thrive and experience optimal wellbeing. Many of us think of yoga as a physical practice, but Patanjali divided yoga into eight limbs and the first two are the yamas and niyamas, while asana comes third. Usually translated as ‘restraints’ and ‘observances,’ the yamas and niyamas are set of practical guidelines for living a life of excellence, resilience and connection. 

Far from being esoteric concepts, the yamas and niyamas are pathways to flourishing and self-mastery. As such they are applicable not just to your yoga practice but to your entire life. As your yoga journey deepens, it is inevitable that the yamas and niyamas become more interesting and relevant. 

We will approach the yamas and niyamas as practical tools for enhancing your life and thriving even in the midst of suffering. Expect a lively and fun discussion. 

Great for ongoing students and teachers who want to learn how to weave the yamas and niyamas into teaching asana classes. 

Some asana, lively discussion.


YogaWorks, Center For Yoga
230 N Larchmont Boulevard
Los Angeles
CA 90004

323 464 1276


Happiness Yoga Like yoga, happiness is a practice. Sometimes it's effortless and easy and sometimes it requires digging deep and overcoming resistance. And just as repeatedly doing chaturanga strengthens your triceps, choosing contentment strengthens your happiness muscle. 

Explore how your practice can be a portal to finding happiness in your life and opening up to beauty and meaning all around you. 

Attendees can look forward to a discussion connecting the neuroscience of happiness and yoga philosophy, as well as practical tools for optimizing wellbeing, yoga nidra, and a potent vinyasa flow practice. We will sing the body electric and breathe the body of bliss.

YogaWorks Los Feliz
5531 Hollywood Blvd,
Los Angeles
CA 90028

323 486 0970


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