My mission as a yoga teacher is to facilitate YOUR flourishing so that every aspect of your life is enhanced by your yoga practice. Yoga is about so much more than poses, it is a pathway for self-enquiry and a systematic program for thriving.

But yoga is also physical and a single practice can be challenging, fun, invigorating, stimulating and ultimately relaxing. Practicing yoga several times per week is a great way to enhance your overall fitness and increase your strength and flexibility.

I have extensive experience working privately, both one on one and with couples and small groups. I love working with pre and post natal moms and have also taught yoga to prisoners, veterans with PTSD and children with severe physical disabilities.

Sharing the gifts of yoga is my greatest joy and the intimacy of working privately with clients is something I cherish immensely. I am here to serve you.

Please email: to set up a session or set up a free introductory call. Click here for testimonials about my work. I look forward to connecting.


Photos by Robert Sturman