Sometimes I Get Deeply Confused About Where Home Is

November 20th, 2012 by adminDY17

Trapped between worlds.

I’ve lived in the States for 11 years and I love it and yet some part of me remains separate from here. One of my favorite things is when my weekly Saturday edition of the Irish Times arrives in the mail. I savor it all, the main section mostly politics and current affairs, the weekend supplement with broader coverage of the arts and culture, and the magazine with special interest articles on food, music, travel, people, etc.

More than anything else this helps me to feel connected to home, makes me feel that I’m keeping up with what’s happening culturally in Ireland. In the time I’ve lived in the U.S., Ireland has changed so much. I left at the height of the Celtic Tiger, the boom years that saw Ireland’s economy catapult to unimaginable levels of prosperity.

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Photos by Robert Sturman.